Evaluation And Reporting

The working of SEO evaluation

The first step in SEO evaluation involves completion of a pre-engagement set of questions. This would enable the SEO firm in assessing whether the evaluation service would be correct for you. After this, a search engine optimization expert would conduct some assessments of your website’s performance on the search engine, ahead of executing a detailed analysis of the website’s hosting arrangements, coding, structure, link relationships and most importantly, content.

The analysis would take into consideration all the most important factors that affect the ranking of your website on popular search engines. These include whether the correct technology has been adopted for building the website, locations of the website’s server as well as hosting arrangements, the website structure and page/folder naming conventions, use of HTML tags and page structure, confirmation of meta-tags and titles and the content of the webpage and the use of robot meta-tags and robot text files. Besides, how easily the search engine spiders are indexing the site, is also taken into account.

Contents of an SEO report

The SEO report builds upon the evaluation and focuses on the pertinent issues that affect a website’s performance as well as charts the course of action that’s required for effectively boosting your search engine rankings. For instance, if selection of keywords is identified as the most notable obstacle to performance, the SEO report would include practical and specific advice about implementing the requisite changes. Besides, every report must ideally comprise the details of site-wide issues that need addressing, along with a working example of a sample page about the necessary changes in coding.

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